Bullet Twist Pen - 50Cal

Bullet Twist Pen - 50Cal

MSRP: $25


Product Description

Detailed Product Description: Caliber Gourmet™ .50 Caliber Bullet Twist Pen

Fire up your creativity and take a shot with your very own .50 caliber brass bullet style pen! A natural conversation starter, perfect for hunters, outdoorsman, military buff and the everyday pen enthusiast in your life. So, load this Caliber Gourmet™ .50 caliber Pen into your writing arsenal and gear up for your next writing opportunity. Whether it's creative writing, essay writing or just signing a check, we are sure you'll find this pen a perfect fit.

Features and Specifications:

  • Twist Open
  • Comes in Gold
  • Designed to look just like a bullet
  • Reload with Cross pen refills

Item Weight (Oz): 3.0
Item Dimensions, Length x Width x Height (In): 5.50 x 0.75 x 0.75