Humvee Lantern

Humvee Lantern, black

MSRP: $20


Product Description

Product Description :HMV-LANTERN-1 (Dynamo LED Camping Lantern)

Bestow the gift of light upon your campsite! The HUMVEE HMV-LANTERN-1 Dynamo LED Camping Lantern will light up your path, even if you forgot batteries. Create environmentally friendly light with this compact Dynamo Camping Lantern. Winding the crank for only 1 minute will produce 20 minutes of light. A full charge on the battery will give you 90 minutes of light. HUMVEE has become the backbone of U.S. forces around the world. Our HUMVEE gear is modeled after equipment that is depended on in the rigors of battle. These products are designed to survive the most demanding situations while still remaining simple and easy to use. HUMVEE Gear offers a full line of camping, adventure and survival equipment including Knives, Flashlights, Watches, Compasses, Vests, Jackets, Binoculars, and Sunglasses.

Specification :

  • Four bright LED lights
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • Hand powered recharging
  • Great for hiking, camping, and much more!
  • One minute of charging gives 20min of light

Item weight (OZ): 6.2oz

Dimensions (cm):7.3cm (L) x 7.3cm (W) x 20cm (H)