Brass Knuckle Mug

Brass Knuckle Mug, black and gold

MSRP: $30


Product Description

Detailed Product Description: Brass Knuckles Handle Coffee Mug

When Morning Sneaks up on you, you need something that packs a punch! This smashing new mug will deliver a fistful of your favorite beverage.

Gripped in the fist, Our Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug gives you the strength you need to knock your day out in a single punch. The perfect edge you need against your daily grind! Consider it "protection" from whatever your day decides to dish out.

Material: Ceramic
Item Weight (Oz): 13.0
Item Dimensions, Length x Width x circumference (In): 4.75 x 3.25 x10

Caliber Gourmet Brass Knuckles Coffee Mug! Get it now!

Care Instructions:Hand wash only. Not microwave safe. Not dishwasher safe.