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Tritium is a unique technology for unique watches: Swiss Tritium H3 watches are the easiest watches in the world to read in low light conditions and even in total darkness. These light emitting devices require no battery power or any other form of charging. Swiss Tritium H3 watches are equipped with Tritium tubes that act as a self powering light source. These tiny, airtight vials, sealed under high pressure, are resistant to water, oil and most corrosive materials. Combined with a special dye, a minute quantity of Tritium causes the tubes to light up.   These merits have made Swiss Tritium H3 watches an absolute must in the emergency, safety and protection sectors as well as the armed forces. They are also ideal for fans of adventure and sport. Swiss Tritium H3 watches are made with top quality Swiss components. They are extremely robust and proverbially reliable. A choice of fashionable colors and timeless, striking designs complete these outstanding timepieces.
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